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On Camera: Francis Fooled by Alleged “Abuse” Activists [VIDEO]

After the February 20 general audience, Pope Francis met a group of Polish Anti-Church activists who exploit “abuses”.

The group was led by the Polish MP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus and Marek Lisiński, the head of the obscure foundation "Don't be afraid".

The two presented Francis with a “report” about unconfirmed clerical “abuses” in Poland.

Francis started to pray with them as seemingly nobody told him that Scheuring-Wielgus and Lisiński are militant atheists.

When he heard that Lisiński had suffered alleged “abuses”, Francis kissed his hands. He promised to read the “report” to the upcoming synod.

Scheuring Wielgus is a pro-gay and pro-abortion activist. She has said that nobody is allowed to call an unborn child a “child” or a “human being”. With her report she aims at provoking “the resignation of the Polish Episcopate”.

Lisiński told Polish State radio that he wants money, giving the examples of Australia and the U.S..

A former alcoholic, he claims he was “abused” by his parish priest when he was a 13-year-old altar boy, although there is no proof that he ever served in such a function.

The Church is among very few organizations in Poland that created special policies against sexual abuses on minors. Nevertheless, the "report" attacks only the Church.

It contains very few proven abuse cases. Opole Diocese already published a long list detailing the many falsehoods it presents about an Opole priest accused of abuses.


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Bergoglio selectively chooses gay activists who are victims and alleged victims of abuse such the homosexual and gay activist Carlos Cruz, whom Bergoglio confirmed in the vice of sodomy. A victim of sexual abuse (Arturo Borrelli) was recently arrested in the Vatican for protest peacefully; to that victim he did not call him to apologize or kiss him. It is also known that Bergoglio ignored in Buenos Aires a child who was sexually abused by a teacher of the Marianist Caballitos School, which the diocese concealed. And did not receive the mother of a child who was abused by the pedophile Rubén Pardo who died of AIDS which Bergoglio concealed and hid in the Condarco 581 Priestly Home. And the victim's mother who wanted to speak with Bergoglio was thrown out of his office and escorted by Bergoglio's security guards.……/bergoglio-cover…
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